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Xplocial Reviews

[fblikesend]If you’re searching for an honest Xplocial Review, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Don’t join until you’ve read this Xplocial Review!

With in excess of 5,000 Home Based Businesses opportunities out there, and new opportunities appearing practically every single day, it can be difficult to decipher all of the information.  My aim with this review is to help you gain a better understanding of the MLM industry as well as the Xplocial business opportunity so that you can choose the perfect business for you and your family.

This Xplocial Review is my honest, unbiased opinion based on research.  I have been marketing on the Internet since 2004 and have been involved with network marketing in some way, shape or form since 1982. My hope is that this Xplocial Review and the advice I give you that will help you build any business online so that you can make the life changing decision that it takes to begin designing the lifestyle of y


our dreams.

In this Xplocial Review I will discuss the following topics:

1. What is Xplocial.

2. What products/services are available for affiliates of Xplocial?

3. What is the Xplocial Compensation Plan?

4. Is Xplocial a Scam?

5. How to generate leads for your Xplocial business?

Xplocial Review | Xplocial Scam | Unbiased MLM Review – Company

Xplocial was founded in June 2012 with headquarters in Melville, New York. The compan

y is a little new with only 14 months under their belt at the time of writing this article. The thing is, a high percentage of MLM businesses fail in their first 5 years of operation, and this is a risk that you will have to take when making the decision to join the company. The flip side of this is that those that get in early can make a good income from it, as the business is fre

sh and almost unheard of.

Lead by Larry Marcus, he has over 28 years of success, driving benchmark-setting growth for globally focused Fortune 500, turnaround and start-up organizations. Marcus has a record of strong, leadership in organizations ranging from start-ups with less than $1 million to companies of over $500 million, global in reach and scale and with interdisciplinary teams of over 1,000 employees.

He is sought after as a Direct Selling and Network Marketing Leader and has consulted for more than
 55 different network marketing companies and held numerous Corporate and Board of Director Positions
In August 2013, Xplocial is in the top list of gainers in for the fastest growing Network Marketing Companies and Home Based Business Opportunities with a 38.4% gain.

Xplocial Review | Xplocial Scam | Unbiased MLM Review – Products

Xplocial has two different product levels, depending on what level of monetary commitment you want to put in.

These are:

Gold Membership Plan is $29 Monthly And Includes An UNLIMITED Number Of All Of The Incentive Certificates. These Incentive Certificates are for Vacations, Car Rentals, Air Fares, Shopping Discounts and Restaurant Dis


Platinum Membership Plan is $100 Monthly And Includes ALL the Gold Membership Plan and An UNLIMITED Number Of All Of The Incentive Certificates. These Incentive Certificates are Cruises, Pharmacies, Movie Discounts, Golf Discounts and more.

Some of these products are only available in the US and others are Globally available. There is a broad range of products available to retail to your clients.


There is also a small business loan business which to the best of my knowledge are only available to those in the US.

Xplocial Review | Xplocial Scam | Unbiased MLM Review – Compensation Plan

The Xplocial Compensation Plan is based on a Linear “pass-up” compensation plan, where you get 100% commissions residual income. Basically, what this means is that your 2nd, 4th, 5th as well as your 7th personally enrolled Member and BEYOND are ALL credited to you at $29 or $100 each – paid to YOU every month.

The 1st, 3rd and 6th recruit will skip to your recruiter; from the 7th recruit and any later recruit you will earn 100% for each. The nice part is that the 1st, 3rd and 6th recruits of any of the people you recruit will ski
p to you, and so are their 1st, 3rd and 6th recruits.
I know my gut instinct is to be upset at the pass ups, but when you take into consideration the team building that is rewarded, the compensation plan could be very lucrative.


You can view more information on the compensation plan at the Xplocial website. For a very detailed overview of the Xplocial compensation plan, I would recommend that you visit Xplocial’s website or if you’re like me and need someone to break it down for you.

Xplocial Review | Xplocial Scam | Unbiased MLM Review

 – Is Xplocial a Scam?

Is Xplocial a scam? This is what you probably want to know. In my opinion, Xplocial is not a scam, it is a legitimate business opportunity.

You can make money with Xplocial if you plug yourself into the system and do the work required.

In my opinion, you have to find a company that’s right for you. I think it’s important a company’s mission and purpose align with the goals that you have for your future. Xplocial offers really solid products and services

that many people are passionate about.

Xplocial Review | Xplocial Scam | Unbiased MLM Review – Conclusion

If you are searching for a way to make money online, Xplocial provides a business opportunity with a business model that has worked for online marketers.

Build Your List for Your Xplocial Business

If you’re new to Network Marketing, the very best advice I can give you is to start building a list right now! Your prospect list that you can market to via email will be the most powerful tool in your entire arsenal that you use to start generating leads consistently every single day.

As an online marketer, I understand the challenges, confusion and all around discouragement that comes with promises of overnight riches. If you haven’t heard this before, let me be the first to say, YOU WON’T GET RICH OVERNIGHT, not with Xplocial or any other company on the market.

Xplocial is a business and will require you to implement a marketing strategy that you work o

n every single day. I don’t care if your sponsor promises to put people under you! By creating a strategy and working it daily, you will get you further than you ever dreamed. The sky really is the limit with what you can do with your Xplocial business.

Get ready for one of the most exciting times of your life! My eyes were opened up to a whole new world of marketing and different ways of making money online when I combined my offline networking with online marketing.

Walk away from the nightmare and confusion of online marketing and start living the life of your dreams. Invest in yourself and your future and learn a new skill set that will set you up for success.Xplocial-reviews-Bobby_Whataman-Jackson

Learning to generate your own leads will set you up for a successful future in Xplocial or any other business you may choose. Keeping your pipeline full will ensure that you always have people to talk to about your Xplocial business.

What I hope that you take from this review…

My desire is for you to market your Xplocial business successfully by sharing your value and content with people who are searching for you and your message. I want you to learn from my mistakes, dramatically cut your learning curve and become a successful business builder.

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my Xplocial review. I know that deciding to build a business online is a big step! Congratulations for making the decision to move forward in business and in life. If you’re done with your warm market and ready to explore the endless opportunities that marketing your business online has to offer.


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One thing I've learned in my years of marketing online and offline...There is really nothing NEW... It's the SAME OLD SAME OLD...So quit jumping to the Newest Sparkly Thing... Learn Your Business, Work Your Business, LATHER, RINSE, REPEAT! I EXIST To Help others achieve the level of Success that they want for their lives... Once YOU DECIDE that you can be Successful..YOU WILL BE..SO DECIDE NOW! Watch My Video!  To Take Your Business To The Next Level! Add me on Google+ +Bobby Whataman Jackson Now Go Be Awesome! Google+

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