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To Tweet or Not To Tweet

To Tweet or Not To Tweet

I was slow to get on the Twitter band wagon.  I had already spent countless hours on other social sites, myspace, youtube, skype, yuwie (pronounced YUCKIE!).  Anyway, the last thing I needed was another time black hole, so no, I went kicking and screaming.

But I have to admit, I love Twitter.  Where else can I jump from topic to topic, or spread an affiliate link to 6000+ followers in two clicks.

I just wish I had more than 140 characters to work with sometimes.

It does have that standing around the water cooler at work feel sometimes.

There is an art though to being a proper Twitteree.

These are some of mine.
*Tweeting is not leave that cursed shorthand to the texters.
*Typing in all caps is still “YELLING!”, and using all lower case means you’re lazy.
*Drop an occasional link, if all of you’re Tweets are affiliate links,’s called SPAM.
*If all of you’re Tweets are news articles,..BORING.

Mix it up for cripes sake, the general idea is that you’re at a giant social event.  So imagine someone standing in a corner sputtering Shakespeare quotes every 5 minutes.  The first couple are cool, but after that I’m heading over to the bar and getting a Jack-N-Coke.

Look in the other corner and there is some guy handing his business card to anyone that looks in his direction.

Now you’re getting it.  It’s okay to talk about business, but don’t come off like a firehose.

It’s a great tool to use to build your online presence.  You can get a lot of “followers” fast, so give quality and you will get quality back.

Oh, I almost forgot, look me up at WhatamanJackson and feel free to give me a tweet.

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