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The Visions of Success Blurred By The Rearview Mirror – Bobby Whataman Jackson

The Visions of Success Blurred By The Rearview Mirror

I was sitting here wondering how many people have trouble focusing on where they want to go because they can’t let go of something in the past.  I mean, think of it the past is supposed to be THE PAST.  Stuck on what some dingleberry (look it up, I’m sure it’s a word) called you in third-grade, or that time you threw up in class shouldn’t be  keeping you from being successful.

Thousands of people hold on to those “terrible” memories.

And I purposely put “terrible” in quotations.  Those memories, burned into the subconscious, aren’t GOOD or BAD.  They just are.  It’s the LABEL that we put on them that gives them the weight.

Now, before someone says, “wait..I had something REALLY terrible happen to me”, I understand and empathize with whatever the situation that you had,..terrible parents, grew up in a bad neighborhood, dog died..

Those experiences led you where you are TODAY.  You can and should use those experiences as pavers, building blocks, and columns to the GREATEST that is you.  YOU CAN BE..WHAT..YOU WILL TO BE.

Were you wronged?..Were you harmed?..maybe so.  You are hereby validated.  So now, let that go and move forward.  De-clutter, Erase, Re-boot.

Now it’s okay to glance back from time to time, in the rearview mirror of life, to see how things went.  You went through and passed those.  But don’t focus on it.  Like when you are driving in your car, if you stare too long in the rearview mirror, you are going to crash.  Focus on the destination, (the life you want), and head towards it.  If you do that you will find that you will look less at the mirror and get where you want to be.


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One thing I've learned in my years of marketing online and offline...There is really nothing NEW... It's the SAME OLD SAME OLD...So quit jumping to the Newest Sparkly Thing... Learn Your Business, Work Your Business, LATHER, RINSE, REPEAT! I EXIST To Help others achieve the level of Success that they want for their lives... Once YOU DECIDE that you can be Successful..YOU WILL BE..SO DECIDE NOW! Watch My Video!  To Take Your Business To The Next Level! Add me on Google+ +Bobby Whataman Jackson Now Go Be Awesome! Google+

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