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The Hardest Step Is The First One

The Hardest Step Is The First One

Each of us has faced it at one time or another.  Beginning a new project, or maybe starting a new business, possibly doing the most crucial part of your business that actually makes it a credible money-producing venture for yourself.

At the beginning, your mind can only think of how big the task is, how much needs to be done, how long the journey will be till the task is completed.

To the mind the task can be daunting, impossible to achieve.

When all that needs to happen is just starting, just get yourself going.

You know what you have to do, you know what is expected, you’ve done all the researching that you need to do.  All that is left is just doing it.

What can you do, or is there really anything that you can do to make it easier.  Unfortunately, probably not, you just have to get yourself in gear and get going.

There’s nothing more scarier than the demons in your own mind.  No one’s going to yell at you.  No one’s going to laugh at you.  No one’s going to slam the door in your face or rudely hand up the phone on you.  Well, that might actually happen. *smile*

But if it does, so what.

Wouldn’t you rather have that happen to you than have yourself beat yourself one more time.  You’ve done that enough, haven’t you?

There is no cure for procrastination, other than not procrastinating.

Blessed by the wonders of the internet I found this awesome gem in one of my emails recently, which of course spurred the blog post;

“A road well begun is the battle half won. The important thing is to make a beginning and get under way.”

by Soren Kierkegaard (1813–1855), a Danish philosopher and writer.

Now get yourself going, truly the hardest step is the first one.

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