Welcome to my Univera Review!

Univera is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that offers life-changing nutritional products within a MLM Business opportunity that 100,000 Associates are taking advantage of around the globe.

Does this prove that Univera offers a legitimate or promising business opportunity, or should this be considered a scam or pyramid scheme?

In this Univera Review, I will be striving to answer these questions as I review their company and products in relation to the MLM business opportunity that they offer as a Univera Associate.  This is my unbiased Univera Review!

Company Details & History

Univera Logo imageUnivera is actually a subsidiary of ECONET, a company that was founded in 1976 by YunHo Lee, a successful Korean Businessman with a vision to extract the best of nature, and then bring the benefits to the world.  Univera did not come into existence until 1999.

Product Line

Univera offers nutritional products that aim to Nourish, Restore, Fortify, and Vitalize your body.  Every Univera product is backed by the science of cellular renewal.  Their dedicated team of scientists have studied advanced cell renewal in great detail, and the effect of specific ingredients, all the way down to the DNA level.  This dedication to the science of cell renewal is the foundation of every Univera product.

These products are distributed exclusively through Univera Associates.  This will now transition us into the review of the Univera Business opportunity.

MLM Business – Getting started and how it works

To become an Univera Associate, you will need to purchase a Getting Started Kit for $40.  These kits will contain the necessary tools to assist you in getting started right away.

These Getting Started Kits will also provide you with a one month free subscription to Myunivera.com.  This is a personal website to help you start sharing Univera with your friends and family members.  After your first month, this will be an additional monthly expense.

Purchase Requirement

Next, you will need to purchase your Associate Entry Pack.  Univera offers four to choose from:

  • Basic 3 Pack for $198.95
  • Basic Xtra Pack – Getting Started for $198.95
  • Core 4 Pack for $543
  • Executive Pack for $1,625

Questions that must be asked…

Univera Products image

Now, before you go and purchase the least expensive package, it is imperative to learn the details of how each one of the packages will effect your placement and/or qualifications in the Univera Compensation Plan.  Typically in MLM businesses, when several options are provided to get started, the less expensive options will limit your earning potential within a company’s pay plan.  I would strongly encourage you to learn more from an Associate directly to ensure that you have all of the facts before you place your order.

Generally speaking in MLM companies, the more you are willing to spend to purchase products, the more you will be qualified to earn.

Lastly, you will need to enroll into their monthly Convenience Plan (autoship).  This will automatically bill and ship products to your home every month.  I was unable to confirm the dollar figure that would be required every month.

Associate Training & Support

Univera utilizes a very common business model among MLM companies:  Relationship Marketing!

This just simply means that you will be trained and encouraged to share Univera products with your friends and family members.  Your marketing training as a new Univera Associate will be limited to these methods.

Univera Review Conclusion

In my opinion, Univera is a legitimate business opportunity.  They are not a scam.  They offer a vast product line of high quality nutritional products that many of their Associates have experienced tremendous success in selling.

Food for thought…

However, your success will be dependent upon your ability to market these products, and the business opportunity that Univera provides.  Univera is going to train you to contact friends and relatives to sell products, and recruit new Associates into your organization.  In my opinion, these methods are not the most effective way to build a long-term and profitable home business.

Univera even provides you with access to your own replicated website, but they will not teach you to use more modern marketing methods to drive online visitors to it.

What is the point of having a website, if all you are going to be trained to do is drive offline visitors to it?

Univera provides this website for the sole purpose of referring your friends and family members to learn more about their products, and their business opportunity.  This is where I believe that Univera falls short.

With that being said, if you possess the ability to truly market this opportunity, and are not dependent solely upon your network of friends and relatives, I believe that Univera offers a solid home business opportunity.

Next, learn the exact details of how Univera Associates are rewarded as my Univera Review continues with their Compensation Plan!

This concludes my Univera Review!  If you have found this Univera Review to be helpful, or if you have anything to add, please provide your feedback below!