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Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

Okay here’s the story,  I was 21 and far from home, working as a assistant store manager.  Due to the economy and turn down in available work, my position was phased out.  That was many moons ago, but a familiar story that many are facing today.

Anyway, I was in need of finding a way to pay some bills and was introduced to door-to-door sales. Exactly, talk about trial by fire!  Sink or swim, yes, you got it.Luckily for me, I was trained by this tough-as-leather older lady that could be as sweet as honey (when she needed to) or could be tough as nails to get through to the decision-maker at a company.

Anyway, once I was left to my own devices, I needed a way to amp my own self up to get into the door.  Cold Call Sales is not for the faint of heart.  Without the prodding of my trainer, I found it too easy to drift off and make up reasons not to make the call or walk into a stranger’s door.

This book, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude” by Napoleon Hill was one of my first attempts to change my mindset.

I would sit by the side of the road and read a few passages, just enough to take the edge off, then off I would go.  Read, re-read and do it all over again.  It helped me in numerous ways.

One of it’s beginning thoughts, and probably the core one to the book is YOU are the most important living person.  Your success, your health, wealth and happiness depends on you use that knowledge.

Realizing that helped me become a little more teflon when I went through that door.

Having a more positive attitude was easier after I read “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude“.

I am a strong believer in Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) as one of the key skills in becoming successful. To me PMA is all about rational thought. Positive Mental Attitude is about finding and selecting a positive outcome from a range of outcomes, even though some of those outcomes will be negative. In every situation there are some positive outcomes.

I ask myself a number of questions to help find the positive outcome:

1.      Is there anything that you can do to change the situation? Yes – then do it

2.      What Is The Worst That Will Happen? Do Something to make it better than that.

3.      When Will You Forget About It?

4.      Find Advantages In The Situation.

5.      Somebody else has had it happen – Find Their Solution

Pickup a copy of “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude” today!

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