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Missed Opportunity

Missed Opportunity

I can see it quite clearly in my head. It was a summer day, I was responding to ad in the newspaper. I had driven about 15 miles from the house see this car that had been advertised.

There she sat in this man’s yard, a little Austin Healey. She showed a little it of age, but overall looked pretty good. Over time the neglectful owners have decided to throw their beer cans into the car.

That was such a sad sight for such a majestic car.

Being a convertible she was missing the ragtop, which lent for well for them tossing in their beer cans. There wasn’t any body damage. There wasn’t any rust. It was only missing one chrome wing center cap for the wheels. Other than that it was in perfect condition, well except for the beer cans.

I looked her over fairly well.

The owner said $125 and she’s yours.

I was just 18. And although the deal was great I passed on it. But since then I kick myself for not taking up that incredible deal. So essentially this is a story of missed opportunity. One of regret, only $125.

Recently I pulled into the parking lot and a beautiful little Austin Healey was parked right next to me. I shared with this old gentleman my story of the Austin Healey that could have been.

This one instance stands out the most to me, one that I wish I could go back and rectify. I could still be driving along the Colorado mountainside in my little Austin Healey.

Hindsight is always 20/20 but missed opportunities happen to all of us everyday. The kind word not said. The apology not made. Take the extra second to rethink the situation so you are not someday in the future thinking about what could have been.

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