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Is The Glass Half Empty Or Half Full – Bobby Whataman Jackson

Is The Glass Half Empty Or Half Full

Okay, in my part of the world, today is Wednesday…and for a sales guy, like I am, my sales week is half-way finished.  So if I haven’t accomplished the sales I wanted for this week..I can turn it on and finish strong. OR, if I have completely SMOKED this week, I could set it on CRUISE.

But, think about that for a second, if I did do great so far..why COAST?..why wouldn’t I aim for the fences?  Exactly!

Life, is just a sneeze, in the long and the short of it.  So everyday in every way, we need to get up and do better than the day before.

I watched an episode of “American Restoration” tonight.  And the main characters visited an old bowling alley to see the behind the scenes action of how the pin setup worked.  This old man walked them to the back of the lanes where the bowling balls rolled.  And this old man, a permanent fixture to the place, showed Rick the mechanism.

Now, I’m sure this old man had used and walked past these assemblies hundreds of times in all of the years that he worked there.  But when Rick, seeing these for the first time, looked at them in amazement, the old man’s eyes took on the same glow as Rick’s.  It was like a shot energy came into his body.

Now, what was different.  Nothing.  The old man just changed his perspective and saw the same thing in a different light.

Where was I, 🙂 the glass, half empty, half full….besides it being Wednesday, I had a birthday last month.  And for a man, well for me anyway, I’ve had enough of them that they become,, thought provoking.  How am I going to finish up the last part of my life?  Coast?…Cruise?  Probably not,  the Beautiful, Blonde Woman, as I lovingly call her, knows that just isn’t in my nature.

I’m going to keep encouraging others, be a bigger part of my family, and lead my life as an example to others hoping to do the same thing.

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One thing I've learned in my years of marketing online and offline...There is really nothing NEW... It's the SAME OLD SAME OLD...So quit jumping to the Newest Sparkly Thing... Learn Your Business, Work Your Business, LATHER, RINSE, REPEAT! I EXIST To Help others achieve the level of Success that they want for their lives... Once YOU DECIDE that you can be Successful..YOU WILL BE..SO DECIDE NOW! Watch My Video!  To Take Your Business To The Next Level! Add me on Google+ +Bobby Whataman Jackson Now Go Be Awesome! Google+

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