Column One


Changed container size to Full Width on Section via General tab.
Removed horizontal padding from the container on Section via General tab.
Removed horizontal gutter from the row on Section via General tab.
Added Parallax background images on all Columns via Box Model tab.
Equalized all inner Columns for Desktop breakpoint on Section via General tab.
Vertically centered content on both Columns via General tab.
Added vertical padding for Mobile breakpoint on both Columns via Box Model tab.

Column Three

cbd for health

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”ff93d63f01ae8d0ff0f0a78bfc28db8c33484106″ use_shortcode_attributes_only=”true” src=”″ width=”800px” height=”1000px” marginwidth=”960px” marginheight=”100%” id=”advanced_iframe” name=”CBD_For_Health” allowfullscreen=”true” onload_resize=”true” onload_resize_width=”true” ]

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