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Changed container size to Full Width on Section via General tab.
Removed horizontal padding from the container on Section via General tab.
Removed horizontal gutter from the row on Section via General tab.
Added Parallax background images on all Columns via Box Model tab.
Equalized all inner Columns for Desktop breakpoint on Section via General tab.
Vertically centered content on both Columns via General tab.
Added vertical padding for Mobile breakpoint on both Columns via Box Model tab.

Column Three


Halloween is the holiday for me that I have the most fun. One of my fond childhood memories is the Halloween Carnivals that my elementary school would have each year. Cakewalks, Hayrides, haunted houses, games, it was so much fun.

Everyone dressed up in various characters from cartoon to super hero to ghoulish. I think the zombie is the easiest to create. It can be as simple as you like or it can be detailed.

And as far as movies go, Zombie movies are usually my favorite. The main character battles against the droves of mindless dead people to survive. And usually he is faced with overcoming impossible odds.

The main character is trying to survive, looking for other survivors, trying to rescue those that he can, simply trying to survive himself and find the cure to help his fellow mankind.

And all the while the zombies are trying eating his brain, or eating him so he will become, as they are, “ZOMBIES”. He must be careful in their presence because they can sense that he is different, not like them.

I relate this to everyday life. As a leader I’m trying to rescue those that I can from their zombie-like life where everyday is the same, “Alarm Clock, Eat, Commute, Time Clock, Work, Time Clock, Eat, Time Clock, Work, Time Clock, Commute, Eat, Sleep”, change name of day and repeat.

The “zombies”, I mean co-workers, family, friends, who do not think like I do, want me to be like them. They cannot understand the books that I read. They sense the change that I have made in life.

They do not understand why I seek the mentorship of other leaders. They want to eat my brain and fill it with the latest gossip, TV show, or mindless trivia that erodes and stifles my creative thoughts. Sometimes they do not realize the harm; hey it’s what everybody else does.
Resist the Zombies, Fight the Zombies, Battle on and find the others, they are alive. We may not be able to save them all but we can try.

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