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Bold, Confident, Successful Leader


Bobby Jackson

Blending Old School “MLM” Marketing with New Web 2.0 “Rejection-Free” Marketing

Stop me if you’ve heard this:

First thing you got to do is,

Make out a list of your friends and family.

Then, Hang out at the Mall, Gas Station…and anybody that gets close, Pounce!

How about buying a trunk load of CD’s, DVD’s, Flyer’s, Business Cards and handing them out in mass to every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

What?  That’s not working for you?  Well come on over to this next function to get you re-excited, get you plugged-in,…..

If any of this sounds familiar…then by now, hopefully, you haven’t invested (or more accurately, wasted ) too much time, energy, or dollars doing any of the above.

That, was what was taught, and unfortunately, is still being taught by some MLM companies.

Yes, that would be the “Old School Method” of MLM’ing.

You know what is sad,…there are actually people being “taught” to go out into public and harass passers by…almost as if they were beggars asking for a hand-out.  Sad.

And even in this New Internet Wave of marketing, they’re learning that Auto-Responders, Auto-Shipments, and Auto-Enrollers aren’t exactly the way to go either.

People are told to Buy Leads!

Great!…Now you have to email and/or Cold-Call a bunch of people you don’t know..and the first hurdle you have to overcome is..”Who are you?” and “How did you get my name?”

And what are you teaching them…”You too, can call a bunch of “Strangers”, . . . Just like me!

So then what…what else is available.

There are so many New Trends in Social Sites, the use of Video, Chat, Texting. . .

Is your company; MLM, Direct-Marketing, or Traditional Brick and Mortar Business..adapting to those changes?

Blending Old School “MLM” Marketing

Some of the things that I teach:

  • You, are the most important aspect of the business…

  • Only work with people that have requested your goods or services…

  • Having a website is one thing…but where’s the traffic…

  • Do you have the Right “Tools” for your business…

  • Are you in the Right Business…

There are no such things as “Get Rich Quick”…so please separate that notion from your head.

The days of Slam Bam Thank You Ma’am big ticket sales has killed and hardened too many people on the Internet.

Anyone trying to gain a presence on the web must be aware of this fact.

If you’ve been Successful thus far, then you don’t need me.  Keep on doing what you’re doing.

But if you’re Ready to Start…Making Money for a change….Instead of just using your “Business” as a Tax Write-Off, then Contact Me and I’ll show you how to go down a profitable road.

Get Rich Quick

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