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Banners Broker Complaints

If you read any other Banners Broker Complaints, you will probably have read a bunch of regurgitated garbage that everyone is copying off of each other.

These people only want you to join through their own link.

I know because when I was trying to figure out the details of this company opportuniy, I read a bunch of Banners Broker Complaints myself and none of them really helped or answered any of my questions.

Let me just share what I have discovered and what I decided about Banners Broker and why I decided to join.


I’m extremely analytical and technical. And I went about researching Banners Broker in that way. I finalized my thoughts on it and this is what I found.

Some people want to know if Banners Broker is a scam. It doesn’t look like a Banners Broker scam to me. It actually appears as one of the opportunities where people can make money without having to do much if anything but maintain their accounts.

Now that poses its own problems. How long will something be around that you don’t have to do anything to make money?

Of that I’m not sure.

But let’s continue with my research.

People have said that this opportunity is like Google Adsense and Adwords. Adwords gets paid for people advertising and Adsense pays you for being a publisher. I know because I have made thousands of dollars with adsense and I also have done some advertising and also made lots of money as well.

I looked at Banners Broker advertising. They do blind advertising which means you can’t see the sites you are advertising on. They recently changed it so you can choose the site you can advertise on or do the blind campaign.

Banners Broker said that they have their own publisher sites so my thoughts were, making they don’t take publishers so they can keep their money inhouse and not payout.

Back to that one.

I looked at the sites available to advertise on and the ones I chose were all very bad wordpress websites that barely worked and took forever to load. They also had barely any content, not even enough for a paragraph.

These had to be Banners Broker’s publisher sites because I can’t see them approving those sites.

I have yet to find anyone that has had any results with advertising through their network.

So from my research so far, the advertising network is nothing to write home about.

I decided to submit my site to the publisher side to make money with it. It was supposed to take 7-10 business days to be approved and that was over 2 months ago. I contacted support about it and they said they notified that department but still nothing.

I decided to submit another site in a different niche and I still haven’t heard anything.

I also have not heard of anyone making money on the publisher side.

The last thing is the ad-pub combo.

From my research, this is the real deal. This seems to be what their whole business is about.

In the ad-pub combo, you buy a package.

This puts money in their hands. So this makes sense.

You get panels that will run and make you money. You have to put in at least half of the money made back into buying more panels. At some point you either have to buy traffic packs to send to the panels or recruit people to buy some to get free traffic.

So, the real question people want to know is, can I make money with this?

I have plenty of friends making money with this. So yes.

I signed up and started with a package, and thus far my money has doubled.

Sign up with Banners Broker today through my link and I will work with you personally to show you what I am doing to increase my business and double my money.

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