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Adwords – Are You Hitting Your Target?

Adwords – Are You Hitting Your Target?

Hitting your target with Google Adwords “PPC” or Pay per Click advertising can get expensive quick, especially if you haven’t done your homework. It can also be like beating your forehead with a rock when you think you’ve done everything correctly and get clicks but no sales.

However, in terms of paid advertising online, no other has a more effective reach, performance or instancy than a Google AdWords campaign. That being stated, there are other forms of online paid advertizements, mainly banner ads: every types, every styles, every sizes are available. And, let’s not leave out the social media opportunities such as Facebook which functions similar to Google with added features to the search such as reaching those of a certain age, geographic area, gender, etc.

Since the purpose of this is understanding Adwords, let’s look at the possible benefits of running a Google AdWords campaign:

1. No minimum amount you have to spend. It is entirely up to you as to how much money you want to spend on your ad campaign.

2. No upfront money is needed as it is a pay as you go kind of financial relationship. You pay only for the clicks that your ad gets.

3. You can create your campaign easily and effortlessly. Actually you will likely want to spend more time on selecting your keywords than on anything else related to your campaign.

4. Speedy placement of your ad. Once approved you are good to go and your ad will start to appear when the searcher’s keywords match yours.

5. The location or placement of your ad depends on your bid on certain keywords. (Don’t worry, Google will inform you if your bids are too low based on what others are bidding for a choice position for their Google AdWords ad.) You have the opportunity to increase your bid and rise ahead of your competition for that keyword at any time. If you are marketing expensive watches, chances are you will not have someone clicking through to your website (and wasting your money on paying for their clicks) as for example their keyword search was for “baseball supplies” not “expensive watches”.

6. You can pause or completely stop your campaign at any time. No need to set particular dates beforehand when you want to end a campaign, you simply log into your account and pause or delete your campaign at will.

7. You can manage how much you spend on your campaign by setting a maximum amount to be spent daily. When this amount is reached, your ad will no longer appear to receive additional clicks and cost you more than you want to spend.

8. The greatest feature of all is the rapid response rate of specifically-targeted traffic. Once your ad goes live, you should immediately start to get response in the form of traffic to your website.

With the popularity of a Google AdWords campaign, comes the increased costs of what it will cost you for each click on a particular search term or keyword. But on the other side of the coin, you could find certain rarely used keywords allowing you to pay a few cents for a page one listing for that particular search term. This is the beauty of developing niches and niche keywords.

Maybe the best advice I can give you is to spend carefully at first. Eliminate those keywords that break the dollar threshold until after you know that your campaign is working. How will you know? Your website traffic and the chances for sales conversion rates will increase. At this point, if you increase your AdWords budget you can expect even more clicks which will bring about even more conversions.

There are several keyword research tools available on the net. One free version you can try is Spyfu. It is not exactly a tool but a resource in which you can load either a website or keyword and find the top competition for either. It can also give you some other keywords that often searched in the same field.

I use MicroNicheFinder to research keywords for articles, domains, and possible niche sites. It is also handy to plugin in a keyword and it will give you an idea what Google Adwords is going to charge you per click and how many monthly searches that keyword gets as well as related keywords. It has become invaluable to me.

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