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About Me

In the past, offline marketers have always relied on various campaigns to reach new customers or to present themselves to offer their products.  But, in this new day and age… the effectiveness and the increased cost of those campaigns, whether from phone book advertising, newspaper advertising, or through direct mail has forced those business’s to travel into unfamiliar waters….like The Internet!

And that’s where I come in…

I have utilized my knowledge of online marketing to bring those skills to a lot of offline marketers that want to market themselves and their products online.

By doing so, I decrease the learning curve so that you can continue to do what you know best and that’s running your business without having to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Although based in Denver, Colorado, I work with not only local marketers to find the best situation to fill their current needs but with marketers all over the world.  Understanding that not every marketer is created equal, we have developed several services designed to increase the business’s online presence.

If you are not already online, let me help you make that giant leap not feel so monsterous!

I am constantly advancing as the Internet changes, to develop new strategies and techniques to keep my marketers current.  If all of my services are utilized you will feel that you have “The Power To Empower”.

Why ?, I bring my knowledge of offline sales and business management together with my website design, videographer, and search engine optimization skills to propel y marketers forward.

I am a Dedicated Family Man, a father of four boys whose names all begin with “J” and married to whom I loving refer to as the beautiful blonde woman.

My goal to help bridge the gap between the offline and online world.

Things are changing daily on the Internet.   The problem is, despite their best efforts, most marketers are still struggling to be found on the Internet.

I can help lead you through the mine field.

You will feel that you might stand a chance to make it online after speaking to me!

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